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Don’t Keep Adding Info To Pages – Use the Meta Page Formatting Tools

Have you ever written a page layout, then gone to “Metadata” in order to crop it, remove the watermarks, or change the background, or adjust the margins? Then you have probably gone “head first” into Metadata jam. metadata is the read-only portion of a page layout, it is where you put the metadata about the […]

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Prevent Texting Or Emailing Mistakes

Texting, emailing, twittering-it’s all the rage. But recently I got myself into trouble with a typed communication. Let’s talk about communication. It’s a process of exchanging information to share knowledge, express feelings, state our positions, or share our skills. However, communication is more than words. It’s made up of verbal (words) and nonverbal (gestures, expressions, […]

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How does a TV Work – How Man Ended Up With a Decent TV Set

Simply put, an electronic device that receives the signals from the TV format and puts it on the remote screen is called a TV Box. Today the brands that make these devices are becoming more and more varied, with add-ons and various modifications that make these things even more intriguing. So how does TV work? […]